There are many things that we do that lead to irresponsible mistakes and that does not exclude some behaviors when driving a vehicle. Before, distracted driving behaviors include texting and eating, now, they have extended far than those. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there is an approximation of 660, 000 drivers on the road using electronic devices and that are in the United States alone. If you add driving while being intoxicated with drugs or alcohol, the numbers increase.

The Dangerous Things We All Do While Driving

1.Listening to loud music

The problem with listening to loud music is that you would not be able to hear some important sounds such as traffic noises, ambulances, trains, and other road sounds that are necessary to hear.

2.Drinking alcohol or getting drugs

Driving under the influence of alcohol or of drugs is a serious offense against the law. There is a possibility that you will be charged with DUI (Driving Under Influence) or DWI (Driving With Intoxication). if you are caught and charged with these, it is important to call West Palm Beach DUI lawyers to defend you at the court or alleviate consequences, at least.

3.Doing makeup or grooming

Due to work and having to wake up late, a lot of people prefer to do their makeup and grooming routine on the driving seat while on the road. This is extremely dangerous as this is really a potential distraction. You cannot give full attention to two things simultaneously, and so, this creates a problem in your driving as it requires complete focus.


Eating especially messy foods like burritos are seriously dangerous as the crumb that keeps on falling after every bite can effectively distract you. Generally eating is not advisable if you are driving as it diverts your attention and can lead to choking. It is best to recommend that you eat before or after driving on the road.

5.Talking to passengers

Many drivers fall to this. When communicating to a certain individual, it requires cognitive focus and sometimes necessitates glances. This becomes more dangerous when communication develops into serious communication from a casual one. For instance, imagine driving on the road while a friend shares h/her problem or arguing with someone at the backseat. Communication invokes emotions and triggers psychomotor response which are dangerous when your hands are on the steering wheel and your focus needs to e on the road.

Are they Illegal?

Unfortunately, yes. The legislation in different states and cities does touch on broader distracted driving behaviour and engaging in an activity where you get distracted while driving is definitely punishable by the law.

To avoid fees, charges, cases, and other consequences that are inconvenient, expensive, and humiliating, it is best if you abide by the law and avoid doing those things that we mentioned here while you are on the road, driving.

And even though there are professional attorneys willing to help you, prevention will always be a greater choice.